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margaretHi my name is Margaret, like you, I once dreamed of working full-time from home  and having  a lot of money from my blog and then some day retiring to a beach some where with no worries or cares…

Of course that’s the picture a lot of people paint for having a website isn’t it? The big dream of buckets of money showing up after you create a website.

The reality isn’t that though, and I can vouch for it first hand.

I’ve been working a traditional blog now for about three and a half years. I’ve been earning a good living but I still enjoy writing  a blog, and the journey it took to get here was not as glamorous as I had once thought.

How ever the pride I now feel that I’ve accomplished a goal I set out to do in only few months (although it did take about 4 times longer then that) is fantastic. if you would like to get in touch please send me an email here:

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