Announcing a New Social Sharing Group

Social sharing is a powerful thing. I’m constantly telling people that social media is a fad! At least the term “social media” is a fad. People are social, and media is always going to be talked about, so social media is just our natural way of talking about things that are happening, or things that we like.

Social networking, social bookmarking, and social media promotion are all terms that any blogger or marketer needs to be very familiar with. I’m issuing a special invitation for you to consider joining a social sharing group powered by Posterous through which socially savvy (and unselfish) marketers can mutually share links across a broad range of social platforms.


Here are the rules…

  • I will be more of a giver than a receiver, sharing for at least 3 people for every sharing reuqest I make.
  • I will not submit direct affiliate links, though links to posts and pages that include affiliate links is acceptable.
  • I will not ask for sharing of the same link twice.
  • I will send no more than 1 email per day with my requests.
  • I respect the rights of all to choose what they consider worthy of promotion and relevant to their typical readership.
  • I realize that being a member is a privilege and inactive members may be purged from the group.
  • If I am accepted, I pledge to never, ever, ever kick an innocent llama in the neck… or an alpaka. Yaks are fair game.
  • If all of that sounds good to you, then by all means, apply today! Oh, and of course it’s free. That’s how I’m able to have so many stinkin’ rules! Which reminds me, I plan on keep the group at 200 people or less. It’s a “soft limit” but that’s the goal.

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