How To Get What You Want

The movie The Secret has caused the Law of Attraction to explode into mainstream consciousness. However, the hype surrounding and within the movie has somewhat diluted its core concepts. I want to give what I have found to be the essential steps in making the law work. 

I must preface this by saying that I am far from some kooky, self-help hopeful who thinks that just by thinking positively and clicking my heels, I will get whatever I desire. These are steps I have found to help bring what I want into my life that conventional ways have not been able to. Without further ado, the steps:

1) Set an intention
It must be:
– stated positively, i.e. “I walk with ease and comfort” vs. “I don’t have all of this pain in my body”
– stated in the present tense
– verifiable, i.e. “I have $2,500 more in my account every month” vs. “I am rich”
– written down on paper. The people that have their intentions written down hold a FAR greater chance of having them come true than those who merely say it to themselves.

One Tool To Dramatically Improve Your Relationships

3224cs42eFor a few months, my girlfriend and I were separated by several states. When we were finally together in the same state again, a lot had occurred between us during that time apart that made situations tense at times. In an attempt to improve this, I proposed we try that “talking” thing people were raving about, but in a different fashion from the usual conversation. I wanted to try a “Re-evaluation co-counseling” style discussion. I honestly believe that this did wonders for our relationship.

Simply put, Co-counseling consists of two people taking turns listening to one another. Yes it’s a conversation in some ways, but a little different. It is about listening and paying very careful attention to what you hear. You listen to the other person without interrupting to offer suggestions or comments, only listening.

International relationships How to attract …

This post is not just for Asian men. Although there is the phenomenon in which one is more likely to see an Asian women with a White guy but not vice-versa, this post will not directly address that issue. It will, however, help any Asian male that feels that it is an issue.

This is not a tutorial on how to attract and get a particular person. It’s about wanting the feelings that one gets from a relationship i.e. warmth, playfulness, excitement, etc. and having the right person come to you. The right person for you may not be the one you are after. That person may not be a match in that she is just not attracted to Asian men. What I am setting out to do is to give you the tools to attract the type of people who are attracted to Asian men (or whatever you may be). This involves clearing yourself of the beliefs that you are not good or deserving enough, putting out the intention to attract the kind of person that gives you the feelings of compassion, joy, and excitement, and taking action to allow the person to find you.

How To Learn How To Dance If You’re Shy

7838hdq72eghI have a crippling fear of dancing in public. I love to dance. No, there is not a contradiction between the two. Every day, as I walk home from work, I have my earbuds in, The Gap Band playing, and am dancing down the streets. I am by no means a fantastic dancer, but I can now confidently say that I can listen to music and feel comfortable dancing to it in public.

This post is for every person out there who wants to learn how to dance but is terrified of dancing in public. You hear music and your body wants to move but you don’t know what to do or don’t feel comfortable doing it. Perhaps you hear some music, you begin to get fidgety, you want to dance, but all that comes out is wild flailing or jumping up and down.

My Story I have always loved moving whether it be capoeira, rollerblading through city streets, rock climbing, or acrobatics. But the thought of dancing (whether it be club, swing, or contra dancing) has always scared the crap out of me, despite my desire to learn. I always wanted to know what to do with my body when I was inspired by music.

The most that I was able to do was to jump up and down, flail, or just do the side to side shuffle that most guys resort to in public.  When I took breakdancing classes, I was overwhelmed by the dance circles and the people watching me. I would either freeze up and somehow resort to a mutant form of Irish step-dancing or dance awkwardly enough that friends would actually pull me away for my own sake.

I Am Not a Self-Help Guru

change-is-a-verbThis is not going to be a self-help blog. This is not going to be a get-rich, be the best you, and land the perfect girl in 4 days (if you sign up for the Chuck Norris Karate Commando 3 day Training Seminar) blog.

In beginning to write posts for this blog, I realized I had a block in publishing content that would typically fall under the headings of “personal development” and “self-help.” That block is something that I would like to share with you: I do not want to be associated with useless, fluffy self-help authors. Anyone that has perused the self-help section at Barnes and Noble has inevitably seen the large chunks of crap that litter the self-help market. There is so much junk, ranging from How To Be the Best You in 48 Hours to Be a Millionaire in 3 Days!, that I feel that it is necessary to elaborate on what I will not be in this blog.

#1 …but wait, if you join our Super Incan Warrior Training Seminar, you will learn the REAL secrets to (insert ludicrous claim)…
It pisses me off when reading a book that authors will stuff it full of advertisements for their seminars or other products, but never provide any real content. People purchase your products as they trust that it will provide value to their lives, not as a 175-page advertisement for the real deal. They tell you what you need to do to make changes in your life, and then endlessly redirect you to either another product or a seminar of theirs to learn how to actually make those changes…screw you guys.