Are You Overcommitted?

The purpose of this post it to improve the way you manage your commitments, therefore, optimizing productivity and performance
Do you feel overcommitted? My guess is that a lot of you would say yes.  The real question is, do you have too much on your plate?  Or, do you truly understand what you’ve committed to?  It may simply be that you don’t have the full picture of your commitments (i.e. outcomes/projects) so you’re always running uphill, jumping from project to project, not knowing where you’re headed next.

Let’s face it, you could have five projects going, but it may seem like fifty.  Or, if you’ve managed these commitments the right way, you could have fifty projects, but feel like you only have five.  My point is this….your focus will be compromised if you don’t understand all that you’ve committed to yourself.  Furthermore, your psyche will be in a state of survival and your energy will wane considerably.

Let’s talk about what type of commitments there are.